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What young readers are saying about JJ Goes to the Northwoods

“Great gift! We gave this to our 5 year old niece to help get her excited to come visit us in Wisconsin this summer. (She lives out of state). Now when we call her all she can talk about is if we’re going to go to a cabin like JJ does. So cute!”
— N. Hengels

“Love this book! This book is like a warm and cozy hug. The feeling of traveling to a place with your family as a tradition, and all the lasting memories that are made…I could read it over and over.”
— Cristine S.

“Inspiring. This is a great book for young readers, and inspiring for them to learn more about the great outdoors!”
— Julie G.

“My daughter absolutely loves this book! It is one of her favorites to read, and she even gave a copy of it to her class. She says she is trying to be more adventurous like JJ and explore the outdoors. She even declared she is trying not to be so afraid of spiders anymore! Overall, an excellent, easy to read book filled with imagination and adventure perfect for school age readers.”
— Cheri N.